I’m just going to leave this for anyone reading with whom this might strike a similar sad note, and those who hope to understand. I’m so appreciative of the author’s words. These are the things I want you to know.

Understanding Anticipatory Grief - "Why Am I Already Grieving?" https://www.verywell.com/understanding-anticipatory-grief-and-symptoms-2248855


I'm tired. And I know that this goes for all of us. I see it and feel it all over everyone. We're sick more often and tired all the time. Our energy stores are empty and our capacity for patience is topped. Trent is really feeling tired since his experience with the pleural effusion from a few [...]


We are in the hospital. My brain is fried and occupied.  Trent is tired, in pain and sad. We've seen better days, pneumonia is our unexpected guest. I'll let Trent's mother Lynn tell it.  Mom just wants to take it easy with the boys today, but we'll need you soon. We're working on getting Lily squared [...]