The idea is that we are all one degree away from cancer.  True, right?  We all know somebody, love somebody or are somebody who is being or has been touched by cancer.  Therefore, it would only make sense that cancer would and should be in the forefront of American minds, all American minds - including [...]


If I haven't learned anything through this entire ordeal I have learned to expect the unexpected and I thought we had both prepared ourselves for every variable. Turns out I still, apparently, know nothing.  Trent has to begin another round of chemotherapy.  Different this time.  Adriamyacin (yes, vet people, that one) and Doxorubicin.  He'll do [...]

Short but Sweet

As a result of my request via YouCaring we were able to pay 1 month of rent in advance and the late fees and current month and all bills! Praise God and thank you.  I don't know if I have had to do much more difficult than reveal our money issues.  I great at giving, [...]

Chemo No Mo!

Trent is finished with chemo!  No more 6 day stays in the hospital.  No more nights sleeping alone for either of us, although I never really sleep alone because Gavin. But for Trent, no more. No more well-meaning strangers barging in any and all hours of the day with no more than a haphazard knock-warning. [...]